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Refresher on the Reception of Holy Communion

13AWhen approaching the altar for Communion, please remember to make a small bow in reverence to the Blessed Sacrament. It is preferable to make the bow while the person in front of you is receiving Communion.

To receive the host in the hand, present only one palm to the minister, with one hand placed underneath the other. The minister says “the Body of Christ” and places the host in your palm, reply “Amen.” Use the bottom hand to take the host, place it in your mouth, moving off to the side allowing the next communicant to move forward.

Important notes:

The host is never taken from the minister’s hand as we receive the Blessed Sacrament as a gift.

Do not present both palms open to the minister, nor cup them together, as this can lead to the host being dropped.

The communicant must audibly pronounce “Amen” before receiving the host.

To receive the host in the mouth, please stand before the minister with arms crossed over the chest or with hands folded, which makes it more evident how you wish to proceed. After you say “Amen,” open your mouth sufficiently so the communion minister can place the Host on the tongue.

If a host should accidentally drop to the floor, please stand where you are and allow the minister to pick-up the host and consume it.

Saint Katharine Drexel