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2022 Easter Flower Contributions

Let all the earth rejoice in the risen Lord! Alleluia! 

Thank you for making the church so beautiful this Easter!  Youth volunteers and young-at-heart volunteers helped decorate the sanctuary. Flowers surrounded the altar, ambo, baptismal font and tabernacle. The full blooms seemed to declare the awesomeness of Easter and then as the weeks went by, quietly waned. One of our talented greenthumb-gardners took the expired flowers and carefully planted them around the church campus, letting them rest, take root, in anticipation of new growth next spring. Your donations allowed us to purchase these tulips, daisies, hydrangeas, lilies and hyacinths. At the Easter Vigil and Easter Morning we remembered our loved ones both living and dead, our special intentions and our oneness in the mystical body of Our Risen Lord, Jesus Christ. Thank you for your generosity in making Saint Katharine Drexel Parish one of the prettiest places on earth!

Contributor Memorial/Honor
Mr. & Mrs. Charles Acri
Mr. & Mrs. Marino Acri Our deceased parents and grandparents
Mr. Emil “Gus” Agostino Jacque-Lin Agostino
Drs. Domingo & Veneranda Alvear
Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Amice Amice & Orris Families
Barbara Andrews John C. Andrews, Deceased Members of the Andrews and Liszcz Families
Appleyby Family Deceased Loved Ones
Mrs. Mary Aungst Robert Aungst, Wolf & Long families, Virginia Selcosky
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Bangs Hoyt and Bob Bangs
Mr. & Mrs. John Barchuk Michael Barchuk, Michael & Catherine Yantz, John & Caroline Barchuk, Stella Bodnar, Pattie & Ryan Murphy
Mr. Michael Bechtel Tabitha Nye & Lou Schultz
Mrs. Wendy Bechtel Heinz & Bechtel Families, Lou Schultz
Mr. & Mrs. Howard Befort Verna Befort, Darlene Perkins, Richard Perkins
Mr. & Mrs. William Benning Benning and Scheffey Families, Bill Parker, Lou Schultz
Dr. & Mrs. Williams Beutler Jerry Fischer & William Beutler Families
Mr. & Mrs. Edwin Bittner Rajk & Bittner Families
Ms. Joanne Bohonyi
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Bova Scott Hilton, Joseph Creavey, Fr. James O’Brien, Lou Schultz
Mr. Gregory Bowman Rebecca Bowman, Mary B. Carrol, Ruth Ann Decker
Mr. & Mrs. James Brookes Mr. & Mrs. Leonard Slodysko, Mr. & Mrs. William Brookes, William Brookes, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Mark Bruening Charlotte J. Bruening, Charles & Edith Rhoads
Connie Burket William Burket, Christopher Burket, Adelaide & Paul Porta, Marty & Reed Benton
Susan Campbell Florence & Albert Yancoskie
Ms. Linda Carleton
Chris & Niki Carlisle Carol Carlisle
The Carocci’s Deceased family members
Mrs. Janet Cassidy Steve Cassidy, Earl & Lucille Kearney, Tom Kearney, Kay Wilson
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Cesarano
Mr. & Mrs. Henry Chance Harry & Ann Chance, Edward & Mary Thomas, Helen A. Volovicz, Stanley Rembis
Mrs. Elizabeth Chase George and Elizabeth L., Ells and Doloris C., Dave, Johnny, Neil, Margaret Dubas
Mr. Thomas Chetaitis Carol Chetaitis, Stanley Chetaitis, Genevieve Chetaitis, Babies Stanley & Robert Chetaitis
Mr. Steven Chizmar John Hoyer, John Chizmar, Ruth Chizmar
Mr. & Mrs. Scott Christ John & Terry Sloand, Ronald Christ
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Cianfichi
The Colangelo Family John Slovinac, Clare Colangelo
Mr. & Mrs. George Connolly
Mr. & Mrs. Gregg Cook Galen G. Campbell, George R. Cook
Thomas Costello Anna Costello
Mr. & Mrs. John Cram Edward & Stella Furtek, Elaine Kustra
Mr. & Mrs. Sean Creegan Falvo & Creegan Families
Dr. Jerry Croteau Joan C. Croteau
Mrs. Ann Cuomo Louis Cuomo, Alice Jahnke, Frank Jahnke, Arthur Jahnke
Mary Curtis Robert E. Curtis, James Marcinkus
Mr. Arthur D’Agostino D’Agostino & Hoffman Families
Mr. Christian Decker Ruth Ann Decker
Lexmar & Jennifer DeLeon
Mr. & Mrs. Bart Deluca  Bart Deluca Sr, Harriet Deluca, Frank Sakowski, Elaine Sakowski
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Dexter Eleanor Dallasta, David Dallasta, Fred Faber, All other family
Mr. & Mrs. William Diehl Sven & Pearl Lindahl, BIll & Margaret Diehl
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Difrischia
Mr. & Mrs. Jose Dominguez Irma Dominguez, Mary & Theodore Yastshock, Hilda & Roy Kitzer, Angela & Justo Montejo, Rafael & Amparo Dominguez, Anna Masinick
Mr. & Mrs. John Donahue
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Downing Tom Nell Hickey, Chuck & Lillian Downing
Walter Dubas
Francis Dudziak
Mr. & Mrs. Donald Eisenhauer Mary Ellen Eisenhauer, Stephen G. Miersky, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Esposito Esposito Family, Shuman Family, Hoskavich Family, Ed Trump, Lou Schultz
Mr. & Mrs. Fred Essis
Mr. Anthony Fabijanic George, Helen, John, and Catherine Fabijanic
Mr. & Mrs. David Feczko Frank & Jean Feczko, Jacob & Hilma Shank
Mr. & Mrs. George Fedrizzi
Mr. & Mrs. Gary Folcik Parents of Kathy & Gary Folcik
Mr. & Mrs. Carl Forestieri Rita & John Dumelle, Grace & Peter Klein
Mr. & Mrs. Alfred Fox Helen & Leonard Schneiderman
Mrs. Richard Frankowicz Richard W. Frankowicz
Mr. & mrs. Daniel Gallagher John P. Gallagher, Beatrice Gallagher, Albert Schaffhauser, Maria Lang
Mr. & Mrs. Hugh Gallagher Mr. & Mrs. Wallace Berdanier, Mr. & Mrs. Connell Gallagher
Barbara Graham David Graham
Eileen Gray Special Intention
Mrs. Joseph Hanlon Joseph Hanlon, Michael & Olga Garcia
Mylene Hardy Salvador Velasquez, Sr.
Mr. & Mrs. James Harris Grandparents
Mr. Ernest Helling & Mrs. Ann St. Ledger
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Hrip Andrew Hrip, Helen Balog, George Balog, Frances Pribulsky, Jay Pribulsky, Mary Batz, Winifred McGee
Mr. & Mrs. John Hund John Hund, Eleanor Hund, Joseph Finn, Ruth Finn
Mr. & Mrs. Tom Jenkins
Mr. & Mrs. Donald Jevic Rosemary Wodzanowski, Jane Hansen, Linda Solenhein, John & Lillian Jevic, David Jevic
Marie Johnston Elizabeth Pleskonko, Johanna Liegey, Elizabeth Verbitsky
Mr. & Mrs. Glenn Jourdan In Honor of Family Members & In Memory of Deceased Family Members
Mr. & Mrs. John Keck Keck Family, Butruille Family
Mr. & Mrs. John Korch Peter & Mary Korch Family, Joseph & Mary Miller Family
Mr. & Mrs. Russell Kulp Deceased Members of the Kulp & Chacon Families
Mr. & Mrs. James LaRocca James & Jelsie LaRocca, John & Arlene Gross
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph E. Lauer Mary Staub, Mason Staub, Ken Herman, Karen Shaffer
Mr. Tom Lewis Ruth Lewis
Mr. & Mrs. William Lowe
Mrs. Edward Lynam Lynam Family, Lowe Family
Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Madrak, Sr. Mary Madrak, Grace Clark
Mrs. Afra Maffey Constant O. Maffey
Mr. & Mrs. Francis Masciantonio Mary Lou Boyle, Philip Masciantonio, Delores Masciantonio
Mr. & Mrs. Gaetano Mastrella Kobel, Sologob, Mastrella, and Schnabel Families
Mr. & Mrs. Robert McDermott John L. McDermott, Kevin J. Schwab, Martha Donnelly, People of Ukraine
Mr. & Mrs. Charles McDonnell McDonnell, Hanratty, Keidel and Gindhart Families
Mrs. Donald McHale McHale Family
Mr. Robert Mentzer
Mr. Thomas Monko
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph F. Moritz
Jackie Muggio Patricia Owen, Ralph Muggio
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Naccarato Mary Naccarato
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Navin Kelly Navin, Josephine Navin, David Gardiner, Janine Gardiner, Lori Noone
Ms. Victoria Nelson Charlotte Weir, Edward Weir
Ho-Thanh Nguyen Deceased Members of the Nguyen Family, In honor of my children and grandchildren, For Peace – No War (please)
Mrs. Anthony Niglio Tony Niglio
Mr. J. Reginald Oram Stephen and Regina Oram
Mr. & Mrs. Gregory Paukert
Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Peters Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Quigley
Mr. & Mrs. Louis Puliti Diana & Anthony  Vajda, Maria & Hugo Puliti
Mr. & Mrs. William Ragni William Ragni, Sr, Irene Ragni, Anita Sipler
Paul & Robyne Rast Paul H. Rast, Bobbie J. Rast, Faye L.Weber, Sybil Rast
R. E. Ratz Rita & Karl Kress
Mr. & Mrs. David Ringablen Our Parents
Mr. & Mrs. Brian Rose
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Rudock
Martin Rutkowski Creola Family, Rutkowski Family
Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Sadler Sadler Family, Razza Family, Dube Family, Swipp Family
Thomas Schaffstall Ruth Schaffstall, Suzanne Schaffstall Mohler, Antonio Falci, Antonia Falci, Mark Schaffstall
Taylor Schlank Cheryl Crist
Mrs. Joan Schultz Louis Schultz, Ruth & Louis Schultz, Sr. Oscar & Anna Noll, Joyce & Wayne Moyer
Helen T. Schwar James P. Schwar, John & Elizabeth Rodenbaugh
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Scott Scott-Konecny Families
Sharp Family Joshua Sharp
Mr. John P. Shedleski John & Betty Shedleski, Carolyn Shedleski
Mr. Philip Shevlin Shirley Shevlin
John Silva Sharon Silva, Madeline Silva, Joseph Silva
Carol A. Smith Robert M. Fisher
Mr. & Mrs. Howard Smith
Mary St. Ledger David F. St. Ledger & Family, Jeffrey Baggett
Mr. & Mrs. Robert St. Pierre
Mr. & Mrs. William Stains Our Parents
Mr. & Mrs. Edward Stetz III Edward Stetz, Jr. Leonard & Marie Nowak
Mrs. Mary Jean Stoner Deceased members of Stoner and Anstett Families
Mr. & Mrs. John Strunk Marla Rose Angotti, Peter & Margaret Angotti
John Succa Kay Succa
Mr. & Mrs. Steven Swank
Ms. Maria Szczur
Mr. & Mrs. Francis Taddeo
Mr. & Mrs. Brian Thompson Chihon & Thompson Families
Rita Treon
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Tricarico Eric Vincent Mills
Lorraine & Jeff Turicik Mary, Louis, Richard & Joseph Drnevich
Mrs. Sharnon Wagenheim Ruth & Ralph Attivo, Bessie & Sydney Wagenheim, Mary & Nicholas Attivo, Father O’Brien
Anita Wasko Mina Navarro, Eleanor & Joe Wasko
Ms. Brenda Wilt Sally Wilt
Mr. Philip Wilt Sally Wilt
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Winslow Michele & Winslow Families
David Wisneski Stephanie Wisneski
Donna Wood Gary L. Wood, Bramhall Family
Mr. & Mrs Donald Woolford
Mrs. Mary Wyant Andrew Dapkins
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Zarcone
Mr. William Zelner Patricia Zelner, Karen Zelner, Zelner & Kearney Families
Anonymous Don Bowers, Mom & Family
Anonymous CJK
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