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Missionary Cooperative Appeal This Weekend June 27 & 28, 2020


This weekend’s second collection is for the Missionary Cooperative Appeal. There are no special envelopes for this special outreach. If you are unable to attend Mass this weekend or Wednesday, please mail in your contribution identifying that it is specifically for the Missionary Cooperative. Your support of spreading the gospel is appreciative. Please read Father Clement’s below.

We the Missionaries of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary are happy and grateful to be part of this year’s Missionary Cooperative Program of the Diocese of Harrisburg. I wish to thank at the very outset, the Office of Pontifical Missions of the diocese of Harrisburg and the pastor of this parish for allowing us to reach out to you by way of this letter in such trying circumstances.

The Missionaries of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary are a Men’s religious congregation founded in Italy with missions spread across Italy, Germany, Slovakia, Argentina, USA, Canada, Nigeria, Cameroon, India, and Indonesia. We work in mission parishes, schools, and medical clinics and for the empowerment of the girl-child, youth, and women. Our fathers also work as chaplains in the military and provide mental health services as well.

The current trials have only added to the already struggling families and communities we serve in different parts of the world. Schooling of our children have been disrupted and since electronics such as computers are a luxury to many of these children, they are cut of from any kind of formal education. Our clinics in Nigeria and India continue to serve the people with increased frequency as regular hospitals are out of reach for the common people.

Recently one of our religious communities undertook to provide basic food rations to 250 children and their families to hold them off for a week to ten days. This being in addition to the regular support throughout the year. We have been fortunate to provide clean drinking water to an entire village for a few years now – a project that was funded by a family foundation from Pennsylvania. A mini bread and water factory are being planned in Nigeria to help feed our seminarians and people in the village we live in.

We are in of your continued prayers and financial support: prayers, that many more young men will answer the call to Religious Life and Priesthood and persevere in their vocation and financial support to help us continue our ministry to the poor and the less privileged. The only way you will know that the people you help are grateful for your support is when they raise their hands and voices in praise and worship of God for all that He has done for them. And God in turn will continue to bless you.

We, the priests and brothers of the Missionaries of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary are grateful to you for your prayers and support. And we assure you of our daily prayers and remembrance during the holy sacrifice of the Mass.

God bless you and may the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary always love you and watch over you.



Fr. Frederick Clement, MSSCC

May 27, 2020



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