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Pastor’s Blog – June 2-3, 2018

THIS WEEKEND, we celebrate the gift of 6 new priests for the Diocese of Harrisburg.

This is wonderful “good news”!

On June 17, we celebrate Father’s Day! Happy Father’s Day to each and every “Father.”

Being a Father is more than anatomy and physical generation. A Father is a matter of the heart.

A Father is one who share in the nature of God, as a creator, as one who gives life.

Recipe for a Priest

“A father’s tenderness, a shepherd’s care, a leader’s courage, which the cross can bear.
A ruler’s arm, a watchman’s wakeful eye.
A pilot’s skill, the helm in storms to ply.
A fisherman’s patience and a labor’s toil,
A guide’s dexterity to disembroil,
A prophet’s  inspiration from above,
A teacher’s knowledge and a savior’s LOVE”

Saint Katharine Drexel