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Religious Education – Call for Catechists

CATECHISTS are always needed for our Faith Formation Program. Catechists and Aides are needed. We need 40 catechists each year for five sessions throughout the year!

Sunday Session I 8 AM
Sunday Session II 10:10 AM
Wednesday Session III 6 PM

Summer Session I
Summer Session II

All Catechists must be practicing Catholics and willing to sign the below-mentioned COVENANT

I ____________________________, wishing to be a Catechist, understand, that I represent Christ and the Church and in turn, Bishop Gainer and Fr. Smith

In teaching the Faith as the Church understands it. I also understand that I must be a practicing Catholic as the Church defines it in communion with the Church.

I do go to Mass on a regular basis, celebrate the sacraments regularly, lead a life of prayer and ministry and if married, married validly in the Church.

I also promise to continue my learning and studying the faith by being certified and taking courses that enhance my basis certification as a catechist of the Diocese of Harrisburg and St. Katharine Drexel Parish.

Signed ____________________________________


Saint Katharine Drexel