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UPDATE: Mass Intention Policy

SCHEDULING MASS INTENTIONS – Please note that our parish policy for scheduling Masses and Mass Intentions is as follows-

At this time, Mass Intentions can be requested and scheduled up to May 30, 2019!

The Summer Mass schedule is being worked on.

Weekend Masses are always held and Intentions can be scheduled. Weekday Masses depend on priest availability week to week and since there is only 1 priest, sometimes weekday Mass is not scheduled for varying reasons. When possible, we try to schedule a visiting priest but that is not always possible due to a shortage of priests. We have several nearby parishes within ½ hour if one needs to go to weekday Mass. Please try to understand this necessity and be patient with this flexibility.

If you have any concerns or questions, please contact Fr. Ken directly.

Please do not hassle our parish staff or secretaries but be patient and respectful.

Thank you for your consideration!

Saint Katharine Drexel