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Lectio Series – Salvation – New Life In Christ Study

Salvation New Life in Christ

by scripture scholar and theologian Michael Patrick Barber

APRIL 8 – JUNE 10, 2021

We are going to use the Salvation Study for the next 10 weeks on Thursday morning 9:45 a.m. attempted Virtual and in person (unless cases continue to spike as they’re starting to again and then we’ll go totally virtual if need be).

We have the Salvation books & Study Guides for anyone who wants to do the study. Contact Becky Davis  to sign up for virtual participation or for more information.

Lectio: Salvation // Promo from Augustine Institute on Vimeo.

“At every Sunday Mass, Catholics confess that Jesus came down from Heaven” for us men and for our salvation.” However, many people find it difficult to articulate what is meant by this word “salvation”. In this LECTIO Series, Scripture scholar and theologian Michael Patrick Barber provides an intelligent yet charitable corrective to the many misunderstandings that Christians – both Catholic and non-Catholic – have about the doctrine of salvation. [source: Salvation – New Life in Christ Study Guide]

Saint Katharine Drexel