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Resources for Married Couples

Whether you are approaching the altar for the Sacrament of Marriage or if you have tied the knot and at different points of your oneness, there are many resources available to help you in your walk. For more information on any of these please reach out to Father Ken Smith, our pastor. In confidence he will assist you.

Engaged– Thinking about getting Engaged? “Pre-Cana” Marriage Preparation takes about a year to complete to be as prepared as possible to enter a Marriage that is total, faithful, and fruitful. Fill out this form to begin the Marriage Preparation process.

Convalidation—Married outside of the Catholic Church? Want to receive the grace of the Sacrament of Marriage? Whether it’s been a few years, or a few decades, Convalidation may be easier than you think. Contact Father Ken to discuss your situation and begin the journey. If your kids are local and Married outside of the Catholic Church, have them contact Father Ken. No judgement, no lecture, just welcoming and walking with them into deeper relationship with each other, with Christ, and with the

Ready for a Better Marriage?

Counseling—Counseling is available for couples or individuals in all situations. Please email Father Ken for a list of suggested Catholic Counselors in the area. All inquiries are

Online Resources for your MarriageRegardless of whether you’ve been Married 5 years or 50, the Beloved video series on is recommended for couples of all ages looking to strengthen their Marriage.

Struggling in your Marriage?

Retrouvaille is a French word meaning rediscovery. The program offers tools for couples in struggling or deeply strained marriages to rediscover a loving marital relationship. The main emphasis of the program is on communication in marriage between husband and wife. It will give you the opportunity to rediscover each other and to examine your lives together in a new and positive way.  For more info visit

AnnulmentIf your marriage ended in civil divorce, you may want to seek an annulment, or a determination from the Church that the bonds of Marriage between husband and wife never formed and that particular Marriage covenant and the promises made in the vows were not binding. Before pursuing a new relationship, it is suggested that you seek information on an Annulment to avoid committing the sin of adultery. Annulments are sensitive matters often surround by pain, hurt, and emotion. All charity and pastoral care is practiced in working with those seeking an Annulment. Please visit the Diocese of Harrisburg website or contact Fr. Ken to discuss your particular situation.


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