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Holy Matrimony


QUESTIONS about Planning Your Wedding?

The Sacrament of Holy Matrimony: Let’s begin with: “Congratulations on your engagement!” Couples contemplating marriage are reminded not to set a wedding date or time, before arranging an appointment with the pastor, Father Kenneth G. Smith.  All engaged or pre-engaged couples who wish to prepare for Marriage are asked to call Fr. Ken directly to schedule a date and the preparation process leading up to the celebration of the Sacrament. The Process involves: meetings with Fr. Ken, FOCCUS Inventory, Love Languages Profile, Engaged Encounter or Meetings with Mentor Couple, diocesan session, liturgy planning and readings, and discussion. The process should be planned either prior to engagement or immediately afterwards to allow enough time (12 months). Some pieces of the process are done individually and others can be done in a group setting. A Marriage Team/Mentor Couples will conduct these sessions.

The Marriage process should be started for all couples getting married in 2018 and can be started for couples getting married in 2019. For more details, please call the parish office at (717) 697-8716.

For more information on diocesan marriage policy, click here.


Saint Katharine Drexel